Trade Exit Order – FEYE Strangle

Stock / Symbol: FireEye / FEYE
Strategy: Strangle
Trade entry date / price: 20 Nov 2020 / $15.88
Price at this post: $15.08

Update / Reasoning: In hindsight, I should have gone with the 15.5 strike put instead of the 15. Since it looks like we're not going to get the expected price movement out of FEYE today, I'm just going to see if we can close out the put here for a breakeven on the trade.

Put Exit Order:
STC 1 FEYE 20Nov20 15 put

For a min net credit of $0.25 per contract (day order, limit order). The mid is currently at a credit of $0.09.


Amt Risked: $25
Estimated Commission (round trip): $1.95 to $2.60
Anticipated Profit / Loss upon fill: $0 (pre-commission)

Positive Theta

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