New Trade : TSLA

Stock / Symbol: Tesla Motors / TSLA Option Strategy: [private_monthly]double calendar[/private_monthly] Price at trade post: $225.75 Reasoning: For TSLA’s earnings announcement on Thursday, the street is expecting a move of +/- 17. To play this, I’m putting on a [private_monthly]double calendar[/private_monthly] with strikes about 20 points OTM. The Greeks currently show a delta of 0.63, […]

New Trade : AAPL

Stock / Symbol: Apple Inc / AAPL Option Strategy: [private_monthly]calendar put spread[/private_monthly] Price at trade post: $94.18 Reasoning: Coming into this afternoon’s earnings annuoncement, I’m going to bet that Samsung has eaten into Apple’s iphone revenues and Google/Samsung into Apple’s tablet revenues. Not risking much here as we could just as easily see a positive […]

New Trade : BAC

Stock / Symbol: Bank of America / BAC Option Strategy: [private_monthly]diagonal call spread[/private_monthly] Price at trade post: $15.74 Reasoning: Here’s a bullish play on BAC following this morning’s earnings announcement. As there isn’t much premium in BAC’s options, an ITM diagonal is a nice way to generate some decent yield with similar risk characteristics to […]