New Trade : CLF

Stock / Symbol: Cliffs Natural Resources / CLF; Option Strategy: [private_monthly]butterfly call spread[/private_monthly]; Price at trade post: $16.25; Reasoning: Putting a trade on CLF with an upside bias using a [private_monthly]butterfly call spread[/private_monthly]. The probability of success on this trade is just 30% but it’s got a good risk/reward ratio. The greeks on this trade […]

Trade Analysis : TNA

Stock / Symbol: Direxion Small Cap Bull 3x / TNA; Option Strategy: put tree; Trade entry date / price: Jun 12 / $47.77 Trade expiration date: Jun 21 Price at trade expiration: $45.62 Analysis: TNA never did come close to our obligated buy price of $42. Would loved to have had to buy it at […]

New Trade : NDX

Stock / Symbol:Nasdaq 100 / NDX Option Strategy: [private_monthly]iron condor[/private_monthly] Price at trade post: $2936 Reasoning: With 35 days till Jul expiration, I’m putting on an [private_monthly] iron condor[/private_monthly] on NDX. We’ve got an expected deviation of[private_monthly] +/- 160 points between now and July expiration; but with how volatile this market has been, I’m accounting […]

Order Correction : SODA

Correction: Selling the July option, not the June. Trade Details: [private_monthly] BTO 1 SODA Oct13 67.5 Put STO -1 SODA Jul13 67.5 Put for a max net debit of $4.40 per contract (day order, limit order). Mid is currently at $4.25. Ok to try again tomorrow if not filled. [/private_monthly]

New Trade : SODA

Stock / Symbol: SodaStream / SODA Price at trade post: $72.50 Option Strategy: [private_monthly]calendar put spread[/private_monthly] Reasoning: Great company, just expecting a bit of a pullback in SODA. Using a [private_monthly]put calendar[/private_monthly] with the following Greeks: -5.6 Delta, 3.0 Theta, and 8.3 Vega. The longer it takes for SODA to get to our downside stop […]

New Trade : TNA

Stock / Symbol: Direxion Small Cap Bull 3x / TNA; Option Strategy: [private_monthly]put tree[/private_monthly]; Price at trade post: $47.77; Reasoning: I’d like to get long TNA but at a better price than it’s currently trading at. This [private_monthly]put tree[/private_monthly] on TNA will commit us to go long the stock at $42, a 12% discount from […]