• What is Positive Theta?

    Positive theta refers to selling option time premium. This strategy is a trademark of options market makers wherein delta neutral positions are established that are positive theta and profit by collecting time premium.

  • Trading Method

    The goal is to generate monthly returns of at least 10 to 15% per trade by selling option spreads and keeping losses to an absolute minimum by focusing on high probability trades and utilizing powerful adjustment techniques when necessary.

  • Strategies

    Positive Theta option strategies include: Iron Condors, Butterflies, Calendar Spreads, Double Diagonals, Bull Put Spreads, and Bear Call Spreads.

  • Membership

    Members are provided with 4 to 6 low-risk, high-probability trades per month. Expected average return per trade is 10% - 15% over 7 to 60 day periods. Each trade is accompanied by clear and concise entry and exit parameters, as well as complete risk / reward analysis.



For Positive Theta, the basic premise is to collect option premium from traders taking highly speculative, low probability bets that they'll be right about both the direction and breadth they think the underlying stock or ETF will take in a finite period of time. Given that most Out-Of-The-Money (OTM) options expire worthless, we put the odds in our favor by putting an emphasis on collecting premiums from selling options rather than just simply buying a straight call or put.

As a subscriber to Positive Theta, you'll be trading along with a professional trader. The idea is to make the Positive Theta service affordable for all investors, not just high net worth individuals.

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