Trade Recap – UPS Bull Put Spread

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Stock / Symbol: United Parcel Service / UPS
Option Strategy: Bull Put Spread
Trade entry date / price: 25 Feb 2020 / $94.55
Price at trade exit: $93.46

Recap: We were able to let the position expire worthless on Friday, enabling us to realize the trade's full profit potential

Position Details:

Short 1 UPS 20Mar20 90 put
Long 1 UPS 20Mar20 85 put

For a net credit of $0.75 per contract.


Max Risk: $425
Max Reward: $75 or 17.6% with UPS trading over $90 by Mar 20th
Profit Range: UPS at/over $90 by Mar 20th
Commission (round trip): $3
Realized Profit / Loss: $75 or 17.6% (pre commission)

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