Closing DE Calendar Call Spread

To follow is specific new trade exit details:

Stock / Symbol: John Deere / DE;

Option Strategy: calendar call spread;
Trade Entry Date / Price: May 17, 2019 / $136.70;
Price at Trade Exit: $146.10

Reasoning: DE trading up to and a bit beyond our calendar strike price of $145, we're closing out the trade now for a nice profit. The current Greeks are: a negative delta of -0.51, a positive theta of 6.10 and a positive vega of 18.34.

Closing Trade Details:

STC 1 DE 20Sep2019 145 call
BTC 1 DE 21Jun2019 145 call

for a min net credit of $5.40 per contract. The mid is currently at $5.45 (GTC order, limit order). I was filled at a credit of $5.45.

Max Risk: $390
Max Reward: $460 or 118% by Jun 21st at $145
Profit Range: Between $134 and to $158 by Jun 21st
Suggested Downside Stop @ $132.99
Suggested Upside Stop @ $148.00
Realized Profit / Loss: $160 or 41.5% (not including commissions)

Positive Theta