Closing Trade : IWM

Stock / Symbol: iShares Russell 2000 Index / IWM

Option Strategy: double diagonal;
Trade entry date / price: 4 Feb / $100.75
Price at trade exit: $100.45;

Reasoning: The short strikes on this double diagonal on IWM are expiring today so we're closing this (slightly positive) trade. The Greeks are currently: -6.1 delta, 5.3 theta, and 1.9 vega. Please note that I'm just going to close out the put side of the position as there is currently no value in the long call.

Closing Trade Details:
STC 1 IWM FebWk4 94 put
BTC -1 IWM Jan16 96 put

At the market. The current mid is 0.07. I was filled at 0.06

Max Risk: $187
Max Reward: $70 or 37% at $96 by Feb 19th
Profit Range: $95 to $106.75 by Feb 19th
Suggested Downside stop: @ $96
Suggested Upside stop: @ $106
Realized Profit / Loss upon fill: $13 or 6.95% (pre-commission)

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Positive Theta