SPX : order update / correction

Stock / Symbol: S&P500 Index / SPX

Option Strategy: [private_monthly]reverse iron condor / double vertical [/private_monthly]

Update: I was filled at a debit of $1.70 per contract.

Correction: The Greeks I posted originally were incorrect. The current Greeks are: -0.02 delta, -4.0 theta, and 18 vega.

Updated Risk / Reward profile:
Max Risk: $170
Max Reward: $830 or 480% under [private_monthly]1850 and over 2120[/private_monthly] by Oct 16th
Profit Range: [private_monthly]under $1858 and over $2112[/private_monthly] by Oct 16th
Suggested Upside Stop: NA
Suggested Downside Stop: NA

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