Closing Trade : RUT

Stock / Symbol: Russell 2000 / RUT;

Option Strategy: [private_monthly]bull put spread[/private_monthly];
Trade entry date / price: Dec 12 / $1161
Price at this post: $1198

Reasoning: Thanks to the market's pop + drop in volatility, we're up about 8% just a week into the trade. Going to attempt to ring the cash register now with this quick win. Greeks are: 0.8 delta, 1.3 theta, and -4.1 vega. Putting in a GTC order as it may take a day or two to fill.

Closing Trade Details:[private_monthly]
BTC -1 RUT Jan15 1070 put
STC 1 RUT Jan15 1060 put

For a max net debit of 0.35 (GTC order, limit order). The current mid is $0.45.

Max Risk: $885
Max Reward: $115
Profit Range: at/over 1070 by Jan 16
Suggested Upside stop: NA
Suggested Downside stop / adjustment point: $1135
Realized Profit / Loss at fill: $80 or 9% (pre commission)

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