Order Adjustment : SPX

Stock / Symbol: S&P500 Index / SPX

Option Strategy: [private_monthly]bull put spread[/private_monthly]
Price at trade post: $1807

Adjustment: Didn't get filled yesterday. Lowering strikes and re-submitting the order. The trade's greeks are now: 2 delta, 3.3 theta, and -14 vega. Setting a downside stop at [private_monthly]1762[/private_monthly], where we'll either exit or adjust.

Trade Details:
STO -2 SPX Feb14 1680 puts
BTO 2 SPX Feb14 1670 puts
for a min net credit of 0.50 per contract. The mid is currently at $0.50 (day order, limit order).Note: if you're not filled today, it's ok to retry on Monday.


Cost/Proceeds ($100)
Option Requirement $2,000
Total Requirements $1,900
Estimated Commission $6

Max Risk: $1,900
Max Reward: $100 or 5.2% @ [private_monthly]1680 +[/private_monthly] by Feb 21
Profit Range: at/over [private_monthly]$1680[/private_monthly] by Feb 21
Suggested Upside Stop NA
Suggested Downside Stop @ $1762

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